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Figure 2

From: Erratum to: Methylphenidate enhances neural stem cell differentiation

Figure 2

Murine neural stem cell (mNSC) proliferation. A) mNSCs were treated with different concentration (0nM, 1nM, 10nM, 100nM) of methylphenidate (MPH). The percentage (% of control) of proliferated cells was determined 28 h after induction of neuronal proliferation and MPH treatment. The amount of proliferating cells was analyzed by counting the Bromodeoxyurdine (BrdU) positive cells in comparison to the total number of cells using the Mann–Whitney (U-Rang) Test; --- = p <0.05; n = 20; five independent experiments and four wells/slide of each concentration were evaluated. B) An example of an immunocytochemistry staining of BrdU in a control sample (no MPH treatment). The white arrow points to a BrdU positive cell (red) and the white arrow points to a BrdU negative cell (blue); 10x magnification.

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