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Table 2 Neurotransmitter systems and suicide

From: The neurobiology of suicide - A Review of post-mortem studies

System element Change Location
SEROTONERGIC Receptors 5HT-1A upregulated RN, FC
  5HT-1D downregulated PFC
  5HT-2A downregulated PFC, HIP, FPC
  5HT-2C upregulated PFC
  5-HT4 upregulated FC, HIP, CN, AN
Enzymes TPH upregulated RN
  Transporter Serotonin transporter downregulated PFC, RN
NORADRENERGIC Receptors Alpha-1 downregulated PFC, TC, CN
Alpha-2 upregulated in drug-free subjects HIP, FC, LC, HTH
downregulated in antidepressant- treated subjects OC, HIP
Alpha-2A upregulated in drug-free subjects EC, HTH, PEE
downregulated in antidepressanttreated subjects AN, CN
Beta upregulated PFC, TC
Alpha-2 ‘Beta ratio increased G
Enzymes TH upregulated LC
DOPAMINERGIC Dopamine turnover Dihydroxy- phenylacetic acid concentration decreased CN, P. NA
GLUTAMATERGIC Receptors NMDA downregulated G
Zinc inhibition decreased HIP
AMPA upregulated CN
GABA-ERGIC Receptors GABA upregulated FC
ENDOCANNABINOID Receptors CB(1) upregulated PFC