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Table 3 Cell-signalling in suicide

From: The neurobiology of suicide - A Review of post-mortem studies

System element Change Location
Adenylate cyclase Protein kinase A Enzyme activity decreased PFC, HIP
Enzyme subunits RIl, C3 levels decreased PFC, adult suicides
Enzyme subunits Rkt, R113 levels decreased PFC, teenage suicides
  Enzyme substrate Rap- 1 reduced activation PFC, HIP
Second messenger cAMP level increased PC, CN
cAMP effector Epac-2 level increased PFC, HIP
CREB level decreased PFC, HIP
increased PFC, antidepressants-free subjects
increased density of CREB stained cells AN
Phospholipase C Protein kinase C Enzyme activity decreased PFC, HIP, teenage suicides
Enzyme substrate MARCKS increased concentration, decreased phosphorylation PFC, HIP
Second messenger IP3 level increased HIP, CN
Cytokines Interleukins IL-1β level increased FC, teenage suicide
  IL-3 level increased PC, female suicides
  IL-4 level increased FC, female suicides
  IL-6 level increased PC, teenage suicide
  IL-13 level increased PC, male suicides
  TNF-Family TNF-α level increased PC, teenage suicide