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Table 1 Behavioral and cognitive disorders associated with cerebellar lesions reported in neurosurgical case series

From: Behavioral disorders and cognitive impairment associated with cerebellar lesions

First Author Year Age of patients in cohort Kind of lesion (Number of subjects) Treatment Observed disorders
Morgan AT 2011 Pediatric Pilocytic astrocytoma (n = 7) Microsurgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy Mild dysarthria
Medulloblastomas (n = 6)
Aarsen FK 2009 Pediatric Pilocytic astrocytomas of the cerebellum (n = 29) Microsurgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy Deficits in verbal intelligence, visual-spatial memory, executive functioning, naming and problems with sustained attention and speed.
Puget S 2009 Pediatric Malignant posterior fossa tumors (n = 61) Microsurgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy Low cognitive performances
De Ribaupierre S 2008 Adult Various primary and secondary cerebellar tumors (n = 16) Microsurgery Severe memory deficits
Kotil K 2008 Pediatric Medulloblastoma (N = 20) Microsurgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy Cerebellar mutism
Low grade astrocytoma (n = 12)
Beebe DW 2005 Pediatric Cerebellar low grade astrocytomas (N = 103) Microsurgery Cognitive and adaptive impairment
Aarsen FK 2004 Pediatric Pilocytic astrocytomas of the cerebellum (n = 23) Microsurgery Apraxia, motor neglect, dysarthria, language, sustained attention, visospatial, executive and memory problems.
Behavioral disorders: disinhibition, hypospontaneousness, flattened affects, stickiness, anxiousness, rigidity, Asperger disorder, nightmares, posttraumatic stress and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.
Gottwald B 2004 Adult Various primary and secondary tumors (n = 17), Hematomas (n = 4) Microsurgery Deficits in executive function, attentional processes working memory and divided attention.
Ronning C 2004 Pediatric Cerebellar astrocytomas and medulloblastomas Microsurgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy Impaired intelligence, attention, psychomotor speed, verbal memory and visual memory.
Gottwald B 2003 Adult Tumors (n = 13), Hematomas (n = 3) Microsurgery Attention and working memory deficits
Steinlin M 2003 Pediatric Benign cerebellar tumors (n = 24) Microsurgery Significant problems for attention, memory, processing speed and interference. Attention deficits, mutism, addiction problems, anorexia, uncontrolled temper tantrums and phobia.
Silveri MC 1998 Adult Medulloblastoma of the right cerebellar hemisphere (n = 1) Microsurgery Impairment of the immediate retention of verbal information.