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Table 2 Location of cerebellar lesions and associated neuropsychological disorders reported in neurosurgical case series

From: Behavioral disorders and cognitive impairment associated with cerebellar lesions

Location of cerebellar lesion Associated disorders First author Year
Vermis Behavioral alterations and executive dysfunction Beebe DW 2005
  Cerebellar mutism Kotil K 2008
Soelva V 2013
  Increased risk of neuropsychological and psychiatric disorders Steinlin M 2003
Inferior vermis Low cognitive performances Puget S 2009
Dentate nucleus Low cognitive performances Puget S 2009
Cerebellar hemispheres Cerebellar mutism, Speech deficits (more pronounced in right sided lesions) Morgan AT 2011
Superior cerebellar peduncles Cerebellar mutism Soelva V 2013
   Van Baarsen KM 2013
   Ojemann JG 2013